A myTEFL review by someone who was slandered by myTEFL’s troll accounts

This is a short piece from the original post on myTEFL here.

Looking for a review on myTEFL? Does myTEFL look like a trustworthy company to you?

Geez, surely you’ve seen plenty of reviews on myTEFL so you might not think there is any deception going on, but first things first…

Who is the owner of myTEFL?

I looked on the about page, but I didn’t see any personal info there.

So could it be this guy?

If you search the title of that video above (in quotes) you’ll find that video where he says he’s an intern and he’s from Vancouver.


You wouldn’t think an “intern” could also be the owner of a company right?

But I received emails from an ‘admin’ named Adam.

And I’ve also seen press releases on einnews.com by myTEFL that were written by an ‘Adam’.

And if you look up myTEFL you will see that it’s also located in Vancouver.

How does the owner of myTEFL write?

Well, if you ask me…



I wanted to see if I could confirm my gut feeling that myTEFL wrote that slander on my site (mentioned below) by looking at his writing style and some of the words that he used. So while looking at Eslinsiderreviews.com I did a site search to compare.

  • site:mytefl.com “keyword”
  • site:eslinsiderreviews.com “keyword”

And I found a bunch of the same unique lingo used on both mytefl.com and eslinsiderreviews.com.

Here are 3 unique words for starters.

pinnacle, modus operandi, beacon…

Of course by the time you read this he could go back and edit these, but…

“Modus operandi?”

How often do you or your friends use this term?

So here it is being used on myTEFL.

And you’ll see this word on Eslinsiderreviews.com.

myTEFL wrote ‘anonymous’ reviews on at least 2 other sites or competitors

So there are two sites now that I am aware of that I know he wrote and you can see the other site in the OG post.

And if he is doing that then how many other reviews that you are reading about myTEFL are possibly fake?

And if he is as almighty as he sounds why doesn’t he have the guts to put his face and name on it?

Yeah, but why did he attack me?

Surely it wasn’t without reason right?

It’s because I wrote this review on myTEFL which is mostly a collection of other people’s comments on myTEFL on Reddit, blogs and I exposed his affiliate marketing which is how he gets a large number of people to review his course (because they are getting paid too).

Most people don’t write reviews (according to one source as low as 2%). But if you say…

“Hey, what if I give you a free product or a commission to review and link to my course?”

Then that number will go up.

Fake reviews on the internet are widespread (some say 50% of the internet is fake). There’s fake TEFL news and totally fake tefl course review sites and people are willing to write fake reviews if they can get paid.

Is myTEFL legit?

So that’s the end of the short review. You can read the longer full post below…

Originally published at https://www.eslinsider.com on September 30, 2020.

I taught English in China, Korea & Taiwan. You can get the inside scoop on teaching in Asia at my site ESLinsider. Courses, how-to videos, a blog, etc.

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